You need more than a school-appointed college counselor to help your son or daughter unlock the door to academic, social, personal and career success. High School counselors do their very best, yet unfortunately cannot provide THE KEY's knowledge, level and breadth of personalized service in helping your student reach their desired goals and maximum potential.

Our coaches know your student and family inside and out, are available 24/7 and work tirelessly to create a path to success for your son or daughter.

Picking a college is easy, right? Wrong. As competition increases and the global economy expands, choosing the right fit college has become perhaps the most important decision your teen and family will ever make. Most families are not prepared, nor have the understanding, resources or expertise to investigate hundreds of colleges to find the right fit. This is why you need THE KEY.

You probably have an accountant, a lawyer, and a financial planner. Perhaps you have a golf or tennis coach. You may even have a life coach. But when it comes to one of the most important decision parents make - helping their son or daughter successfully navigate the more than 4,000 college choices and preparing them to choose and succeed at the right school - you may be in the dark. This is why you need THE KEY.

Every high school student's goal is to get into college, but the Key focuses on getting you into the right college. Engaging with THE KEY's expert college admissions and life coaches opens the doors to identity, self-awareness, confidence, direction, and achievement. THE KEY's master coach partners with you, your son or daughter, and your family to unlock your teenager's individual's passions, strengths and weaknesses in order to guide them through the difficult college choice and application process.

Our coaches specialize in providing full-service college-admissions counseling, curriculum strategy, sports and arts guidance, and life-coaching services in order to ensure your son or daughter makes the right college choices which lead to rewarding career choices.

Having served thousands of students and parents over the past 25+ years, THE KEY and its coaches have an unmatched track record of success in guiding families through matriculation. Master coaches use tried and true techniques and personalized methods to identify your child's strengths, weaknesses, and passions, creating a plan that unlocks the doors of opportunity.

THE KEY was founded by Rick Singer, widely recognized as an elite-level college admissions, sports, career, and life coach. With over 30 years coaching experience, Rick has assembled, at THE KEY, a team of master coaches who specialize in helping clients unlock their greatest potential and achieve their personal goals.

Having spent the past twenty five years mastering the art of athletic, academic, college admissions and executive level coaching, Rick has perfected THE KEY's practical strategies and tactics to create the most effective college matriculation, career and life preparation program in existence. He has also coached and directed collegiate athletic programs at the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels and managed life-coaching programs in corporate environments, all to gain a distinct advantage in understanding what makes the student-coach relationship work best.

All of our coaches have undergone rigorous and comprehensive training and achieved master coach certification. THE KEY and its coaches provided service to thousands of students, families, athletes and professionals living across the U.S. and around the globe.

Laurel Springs, Laurel Springs, College Preparatory Distance Learning. The online Laurel Springs High School program is designed to get students into college. Their high school curriculum teaches critical thinking—an essential skill for the college-bound student. Their students learn through challenging and creative lessons that are aligned with state standards.

Laurel Springs high school students consistently excel in their curricula and as a result, their SAT scores are higher than the national average and they go on to the best colleges and universities.  LSS students are accepted to top colleges and universities across the nation including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Princeton and many others.


Springbok Academy, with planned locations in Lakewood Ranch, (Sarasota), Florida, Sacramento, California, and Telluride, CO is developing state-of-the-art campus, residential and athletic facilities where it will provide educational, athletic and leadership programs to students, athletes and sports teams from around the world. Springbok has engaged some of the world’s leading sports coaches, educators and leadership veterans to create the world’s best academic and sports academy.


To give your son or daughter the advantages of THE KEY, call (800) 620-8085 today to speak with a coach.

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